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共 1891 张卡牌
正面:aim to do sth.
US:[em tu du ˈsʌmθɪŋ]
UK:[eɪm tu: du: ˈsʌmθɪŋ]
例句: 1.If you fall out with someone, aim to start afresh the next time you see them.如果你与某人吵架,计划着下次遇到他们时重新开始。 2.Taking a simple everyday example like an email service, I aim to discuss the various aspects that lead to a great forms structure.拿注册电子邮件帐户做例子,我旨在探讨影响一个表单的结构和设计的诸多方面。 3."We aim to be the elite among the domestic brands, " Wang Dazong, BAIC president, said in an interview with the Financial Times.北汽控股总经理汪大总在接受英国《金融时报》采访时说:“我们的目标是成为中国自主品牌中的精英。” 4.Green was chosen as we aim to pick out participants who can think beyond Green as just a colour and able to achieve design breakthroughs.选择绿色作为主题,是为了角逐出能够把绿色构思成超出颜色本身含义,并能够达到一定的设计突破的参赛者。 5.The manager has told me that I'll get chances here at United and I aim to do well every time I'm selected.经理告诉我在曼联我会得到机会的,每次得以上场我都会全力以赴。 6.Aim to eat salmon or another oily fish, like mackerel, herring, or canned tuna, at least twice a week.制定计划吃鱼:鲑鱼或另外的油性鱼类,如鲭鱼,鲱鱼,金枪鱼罐头,至少每周两次。
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所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:align with
US:[əˈlaɪn wɪθ]
UK:[əˈlaɪn wɪð]
分布:align withfreq. 165dict. 3cmpt. 75spoken 9[网络]结盟;与……结盟;与…一致
例句: 1.The Sun dominates the solar system, and those planets that are magnetic attempt to align with the Sun in one way or another.太阳主宰着太阳系,而这些具有磁性的行星以这种或那种方式尝试着与太阳对齐。 2.The Earth meanwhile is trying to maintain its normal position, align with the Sun's magnetic posture.同时地球在尽力维持着自己正常的位置,要和太阳的磁极排列成一列。 3.How can you make team trust on you and full align with you to focus on business' continuous contribution?请问,您如何能够让团队充分地信任并认同您,从而专注于业务上的持续贡献? 4.What's more, these services align with the format of Lotus Quickr REST-based document services, making them easy to understand and use.此外,这些服务还与LotusQuickr基于REST的文档服务的格式一致,很容易理解和使用。 5.This structure, like the portfolios within it, should align with significant planning and results boundaries, and with business components.这一结构,和它包含的投资组合一样,应该和重要的计划、结果边界以及商业组件结合起来。 6.Three of these align with the triple bottom line concept of balanced social, environmental and economic performance.其中三个与三重平衡社会,环境和经济绩效的底线概念对齐。
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所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:preoccupied with
US:[priˈɑːkjupaɪd wɪð]
UK:[priˈɒkjupaɪd wɪð]
分布:preoccupied with[pri:ˈɔkjəˌpaɪd wið]freq. 86dict. 27spoken 31[网络]全神贯注于;使全神贯注;忙于
例句: 1.I can't speak for everyone, but it seems to me that guys are much more preoccupied with stamina than size.我不能代表所有人发言,但在我看来,男人似乎更着迷于体力好坏,而非尺寸大小。 2.More optimistic analysts think China will stay preoccupied with economic development at home for at least two or three decades.而更为乐观的分析家则认为:中国在未来至少二三十年时间内,仍会继续全神贯注于本国的经济发展。 3."There's always a time lag, " he adds, noting that the company is now preoccupied with shipping retail clients' spring orders.他还表示:“总是存在时滞。”他指出,公司目前正全神贯注地发送零售客户的春季订单。 4.I tried to interest him in our venture, but he seemed preoccupied with something else. No doubt he has other fish to fry.我试图使他对我们的风险企业感兴趣,但他好像一心想着别的事情,显然另有有利可图的事。 5.What I'm trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God's giving.在这里我试图使你放松,不要为你所得迷住,那么你就能回应上帝的给予。 6.I feel like this worry is demonic and causes women to be preoccupied with things that will ultimately fade away.我感觉女生们的这种忧虑是来自魔鬼的,而且使得她们被这些最终会消逝的东西占据了大量的时间精力。
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所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:be under (…) investigation
US:[ˈʌndər ɪnˌvestɪˈɡeɪʃn]
UK:[ˈʌndə(r) ɪnˌvestɪˈɡeɪʃn]
例句: 1.Over 100 people were said to be under investigation.据称逾100人遭调查。
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所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:wade into
US:[wed ˈɪntu]
UK:[weɪd ˈɪntu:]
分布:wade intofreq. 8spoken 8na.猛烈攻击;〔美口〕精神抖擞地开始[网络]精神饱满地开始;猛烈抨击;狼吞虎咽地吃
例句: 1.He's earnest and dumb enough to wade into District 9, trying to get a "signature" from each of the 1. 8 million prawns MNU is moving.威库斯傻头傻脑、一本正经地深入第九区腹地,想要让总数达180万的“大虾”一个个在MNU订立的迁徙协议上“签字”确认。 2."I understand, " I saId, feelIng compassIon for her but not waItIng to Wade into emotIonal waters.“这我理解,”我怀着对她的同情说道,但我不想陷入伤感的旋涡。 3."We cannot indiscriminately wade into a media forum for debate at this time, " declared senior author Ronald Oremland of the U. S.“我们不能够忽视媒体论坛在这次讨论中的影响力”美国地理学调查的资深作家RonaldOremland声称。 4.A war-weary America is not about to wade into what might be an even stickier conflict than the one in Iraq.厌战的美国不会涉足进入甚至比伊拉克战争还棘手的冲突中。 5.Several individuals wade into a alive apartment attach, the autumn livings to then and immediately sort supper.几个人一起走进客厅,秋生便立刻去安排晚餐。 6.Once the army gave the order the group, he said, would wade into the action.他说,只要军队一下令,组织就会听命行动。
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所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:beyond one's reach
US:[bɪˈjɑnd wʌnz ritʃ]
UK:[bɪˈjɒnd wʌnz ri:tʃ]
例句: 1.This web of life is complex, and to fathom its inner meanings seems at first to be beyond one's reach.这个生态网络是很复杂的,并且为了看穿它内在的含义,那首先就需要超越个人的认知范畴。 2.Something is beyond one's reach.够不到某物。 3.The price is beyond one's reach.价格超出某人可接受的范围—— 4.Wake up, you are my distant far beyond one's reach.一觉醒来,你是我不可企及的遥远。 5.beyond one's power beyond one's reach beyond praise超出某人的能力在某人够不着的地方夸不胜夸
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所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:chew up
US:[tʃu ʌp]
UK:[tʃu: ʌp]
分布:chew up[tʃu: ʌp]freq. 12spoken 12 充分咀嚼; 弄坏; 罚; 申斥
例句: 1.Predators or scavengers can eat the body and chew up the bones.食肉动物或者食腐动物会吃掉它们的肉体、嚼碎它们的骨头。 2.It stimulates enzymes and phagocytes, the white blood cells which chew up the debris, the viruses and the bacteria in the blood.它刺激酶和吞噬细胞,白血细胞,嚼了碎片,病毒和血液中的细菌。 3.They usually find or claim that the quality just isn't the same, and that the hassles with outsourcing chew up any cost savings.他们通常发现或者声明外包质量与自己生产的质量是不一样的。外包增加了他们的成本,这个问题烦扰着他们。 4.Dogs, it seems, love to chew up the money.看起来,狗很喜欢咀嚼钞票。 5.This, of course, highlights a secondary problem: even without the server, X apps can chew up a lot of memory.当然,这就凸显出第二个问题:即使没有服务器,X应用程序也会消耗不少内存。 6.Bacteria chew up carbohydrates in the wastewater, producing carbon dioxide.细菌消化废水中的碳水化合物,释放出二氧化碳。
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所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:cry out for
US:[kraɪ aᴜt fɔr]
UK:[kraɪ aʊt fɔ:]
分布:cry out for[krai aut fɔ:]freq. 15dict. 2spoken 11v.急需[网络]迫切需要;哭着要;叫喊要某物
例句: 1.Loken sighed. That would be a sad day indeed. Men would cry out for Abaddon's return, but he would never come.罗肯叹了口气。那将是一个令人伤感的日子,人们将呼唤他,祈求阿巴顿的归来,但他将再也不能回到人类中间。 2.She struggled, she began to cry out for mercy, but I held her fast, forcing back her head and staring down into her face.她想挣开,开始哭着求饶,可是我紧紧掐着她,把她的头往后扳,盯着她的脸看。 3.The survivors deserve better than a cover-up , however, and the dead wordlessly cry out for the truth.幸存者值得比隐瞒更好的一个结果。死难者无言地呼吁真相。 4.Fear gripped her, turning her bowels to ice; but she did not panic and did not cry out for help.恐惧向她袭来,心像结了冰;但是她并没尖叫着喊救命。 5.On August 15th the mayor, Tom Barrett, was leaving the Wisconsin State Fair when he heard a woman cry out for help in the parking lot.八月十五日,市长汤姆巴雷特参加完威斯康星州会展活动正欲离去,忽然听到停车场传来女人的求救声。 6.It's pie-in-the-sky for him to cry out for more dedicated teachers.因此,他呼吁培养更多兢兢业业的教师无异于寻求一张空头支票。
正面音频: [sound:youdao-0355dd4d-cb07d3e3-d4b9be73-ea8463dc-8020cdb3.mp3]
所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:find out
US:[faɪnd aᴜt]
UK:[faɪnd aʊt]
释义:v. 找出,查明;发现,揭发
分布:find out[faind aut]264freq. 7305dict. 354cmpt. 492spoken 5546na.查出;发现;看清…的面目;识破[网络]查明;找出;了解
例句: 1.Find out the popular instruments, their numbers and said the number of method and analyzed.找出其中的通俗文书,对其数词和称数法进行整理浅析浅析。 2.You know, sometimes it is the artist's task to find out how much music you can still make with what you have left.你知道,有时候让一个艺术家用他仅存的东西去找出有多少音乐他还掌握着,这是一种责任。 3.This was to see for himself and find out how the unemployed felt.这是为了亲眼看一看,体会一下失业者的心情。 4.If you think life is all beer and skittles, you'll soon find out your mistake.如果你认为生活就是吃喝玩乐,那你很快就会发现你想错了。 5.The boss had better find out what he expects and wants if he does not know. A blind leader tends to go in circles.如果不知道的话,最好能找到他所期望的,一个缺乏眼光的领导者容易原地转圈。 6.Imola is a quite different circuit so we will find out in the next two or three races who the quick cars are in 2006.伊莫拉是一条相当不同的赛道,所以我们必须在下面的两到三站比赛中找出谁是2006年中最快的赛车。
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所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:a large sum of
US:[e lɑrdʒ sʌm ʌv]
UK:[ə lɑ:dʒ sʌm ɒv]
分布:a large sum offreq. 21dict. 10spoken 2na.大量的[网络]一大笔;接单数或复数均可;但谓语动词要用复数
例句: 1.It takes considerable time for an official to gain a large sum of money by corrupt means and then organize to smuggle it out of the country.一个官员要通过贪污手段赚取巨大金额的资金并组织偷运至国外需要花费大量时间。 2.Therefore, we did not apply for a patent, which meant we had given up a large sum of money.因而我们没有申请镭的专利,也就抛弃了一笔财富。 3.The thieves made of with a large sum of money form the bank.盗贼从这家银行偷走了一大笔现金。 4.Allen should have known better than to lend such a large sum of money to that untrustworthy cousin of his.艾伦应该知道把这么一大笔钱借给他那不可靠的堂兄是不明智的。 5.The email is believed to have been critical in News International's decision to pay Taylor such a large sum of money.‘致Neville’被认为是促使新闻集团决定付给Taylor巨额金钱的关键原因。 6.Convinced at last that Dounia would have none of him, Svidrigailov gave her a large sum of money and ended his life with a pistol.他终于确信冬妮娅完全不能容忍他,于是给了她一大笔钱,自己用手枪了却残生。
正面音频: [sound:youdao-ce1ac64e-d72a6a4b-1a409018-11cb80a1-d014f1b2.mp3]
所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:in line with
US:[ɪn laɪn wɪð]
UK:[ɪn laɪn wɪð]
分布:in line with[in lain wið]freq. 189dict. 52cmpt. 29spoken 30na.和…成一直线;〔美国〕和…一致[网络]符合;按照;跟…一致
例句: 1.With remains found in Utah, this dinosaur was more in line with the Jurassic Park stereotype, and of the same family as well.人们在犹他州发现了它的遗迹,并由此发现,这种恐龙更加符合侏罗纪公园中的恐龙形象,并且,它也是驰龙大家庭中的一员。 2.Instead, keep your knees in line with your shoulders during the "catch" phase (turning your toes out) of your kick.实际上,在开始抓水阶段(脚尖蹬出阶段),需要保持两膝盖之间的宽度和肩部相同。 3."We don't discuss William's private life, it's a matter for him, " she said, on customary condition of anonymity, in line with policy.这位匿名的发言人,一如往常的按照既有的政策说道:“我们不要去谈论威廉的私生活,这是他自己的事情。” 4.As fact, Boom is in line with nonlinear bending force mechanism. The stability of the surface is the essence of strength problem.事实上,臂架的受力符合非线性弯曲的机理,表面的稳定性问题的实质是强度问题。 5.However, in line with the results using the Consensus forecasts, the trade channel does not seem to be important for emerging markets.可是,依据成果运用遍及展望,商业通道似乎并不是很主要的新兴市场。 6.She said the proposal is in line with the EU's twin-track approach of using both dialogue and sanctions to target Iran's atomic program.她说,这项建议与欧盟的双轨制做法是一致的。双轨制是指对伊朗的核计划同时采取对话和制裁手段。
正面音频: [sound:youdao-3932dda3-408b0a4b-c9ab52a0-d1b1fe95-acbf844d.mp3]
所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:put aside
US:[pᴜt əˈsaɪd]
UK:[pʊt əˈsaɪd]
释义:v. 撇开;把...放在一边,暂不考虑;储存…备用
分布:put aside[put əˈsaid]freq. 170dict. 62spoken 55na.“set aside”的变体[网络]储蓄;撇开;放在一边
例句: 1.You see, it takes a real man to put aside his own desires and dreams and to take care of his wife and family's needs.你看,这需要一个真正的男人把自己的愿望和梦想放在一边,去满足他妻子和家庭的需要。 2.It was a bitter thing to her to be put aside by life.被生活遗弃对她来说是件痛苦的事。 3.Even if I accept that I need to do something like this, do I have to invite everyone? And how much money do I put aside?就算我承认这么做不无必要,但必须邀请所有人吗?需要准备多少钱呢? 4.Ask yourself. Have you put aside enough time for her, to listen to her "blues" of working in the kitchen, her tiredness?扪心自问,你是否曾经抽出过足够的时间陪伴她,听她讲围着灶台转的“伤心事”,讲她也会疲劳? 5.The company has had a very profitable year, but large sums have to be put aside to meet.公司今年已取得很大效益,但大量资金不得不储备起来以供资本应付款项之需。 6.Did Nostradamus predict how much we'll need to put aside for our retirement?预言家预测我们以后需要存多少钱为我们自己退休用呢?。
正面音频: [sound:youdao-63f38106-1baf1aa3-d69d873a-313f760a-ff463e0e.mp3]
所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:read off
US:[rid ɔf]
UK:[ri:d ɒf]
分布:read offfreq. 33dict. 12cmpt. 1spoken 11na.读(出);数[网络]读出;开球者;宣读
例句: 1.Those letters had seemed meaningless to me as I wrote them. but I expected to hear the professor read off a fantastic Latin sentence.我觉得我所写下的这些字母看上去并没有什么意思。但我期待着教授能顺利地读出一个神奇的拉丁句子。 2.I'm on this point here, I keep my solution, my mixture. I make a gas, I read off the composition of the gas phase here.我在这个点,保持溶液混合物,然后进行汽化,在这里读出气相的成分比例。 3."It takes a radar read off the front and rear bumpers, " explained Michael Dobrin, who handles public relations for Lexus.“这款车上装有雷达,它可以测出前后保险杠。”雷克萨斯的公关主管迈克尔·多布林解释说。 4.Dehn showed how a presentation of the group of a knot can be read off from a projection of the knot into a plane.Dehn指明了一个纽结的群的一种表示如何由该纽结在平面上的一个投影看出。 5.So, if you were to read off the bits of information on the CD player without decoding it you would not get music.所以如果从CD播放机直接读出信息位而不进行解码,就没法获得音乐。 6.Each detail has been designed to enable optimal read-off of information at a glance, just as on an instrument panel.表盘每处细节的设计务求让人一目了然,提供最佳的阅读数据效果。
正面音频: [sound:youdao-93d4b8c9-53ab05e4-8d4cf6f7-b0a3e122-d24a05fb.mp3]
所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:plenty of
US:[ˈplɛntɪ ʌv]
UK:[ˈplenti ɔv]
分布:plenty of1016freq. 2495dict. 490cmpt. 35spoken 1463na.很多的[网络]许多;大量的;充足的
例句: 1.We could consider that free will and just call it a day, but there's plenty of reason to believe the story isn't so simple.有人认为这是自由意愿不需干预并可以就此收工,但有足够的理由相信这故事并非如此简单。 2.The workout: with no distractions and plenty of blood flowing to your brain, walking workouts are a great time to let the mind wander.计划:不分心,使得大量的血液流向脑部。步行的训练刚好是让大脑思维活跃的时间。 3.There's plenty of light to see things by, yet in the am it has stayed the same as in previous years.现在光线充足,可看清近旁的物体,但是上午和前几年确实是相同的。 4.Military fo South is all modern up to date equipment with plenty of food, fuel, ammunition.韩国军事全部现代化,拥有足够的食物,石油和弹药。 5.But Mr Bush was responsible for setting up the President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief and for making sure it had plenty of money.但是布什先生负责建立艾滋病救济总统紧急计划,并确保提供充足的资金。 6.When you've had plenty of time, the worlds money, the manpower, . . . how much more time do they need?什么时候你们才会拥有足够的时间,世界货币,人力资源?…你们还需要多长时间?
正面音频: [sound:youdao-e337b589-f6a967d9-3aeb7ac8-eb92fe9e-5b7395de.mp3]
所在组:Part 01 必背词组 Day 01
正面:eat out
US:[it aᴜt]
UK:[i:t aʊt]
分布:eat out[i:t aut]freq. 101dict. 22spoken 57v.出去吃;在外面吃饭[网络]下馆子;出去吃饭;上馆子吃饭
例句: 1.After the family eat out for a stroll, the early moon, the stars are all shy to hide among the car exhaust, how charming night ah!一家人吃饱后出来散步,月光初现,所有的星光都害羞地躲在汽车的尾气之中,多么迷人的夜晚啊! 2.Don't concentrate on your lack of options; concentrate on the thousands of dollars you'll save by not having to eat out for a whole year.不要过于在意你的选择少;关注一下你一年下来不必在外面吃而省下来的几千美元吧! 3.Regardless how much money we have and how far we live, we all like to eat out at that restaurant.无论有没有钱,也不管住得远不远,我们都喜欢去那家饭馆吃饭。 4.The couple are high-ranking executives of big companies . They eat out at least five days a week due to the lack of time for home cooking .这对夫妻都是大公司的高层管理人员,忙得没有时间做饭,一星期至少有五天在外面吃饭。 5.You'd be at her mercy. You'd have to eat out of her hand, like a little poodle dog.你只好听任她摆布,只好像一只小卷毛狗那样从她手上吃食。 6.He says they used to eat out once a week, but have had to cut back.他说他们以往每周外出就餐一次,但现在不得不削减了。
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